Dog Grooming

Our clinic offers a professional pet grooming service between Wednesday to Sunday. Run by our groomer, Savit, we provide a variety of grooming services designed to keep pets looking and feeling their best.

Our veterinary clinic grooming services include

  1. Bathing – Bathing is an essential grooming service that helps keep pets clean and healthy. During a bath, the pet is thoroughly shampooed, rinsed, and dried, removing dirt, debris, and excess oils from the skin and coat.

  2. Hair trimming – Trimming the hair on a pet’s coat is important for maintaining their appearance and preventing matting. This service can include a full-body trim or just trimming certain areas, such as the face, feet, or tail.

  3. Nail trimming – Trimming a pet’s nails is important for their comfort and health. Overgrown nails can cause discomfort, pain, and even infection if left untreated. We can safely and efficiently trim your pet’s nails, ensuring that they are properly maintained.

  4. Ear cleaning – Cleaning a pet’s ears is an important part of grooming that can help reduce ear infections. During an ear cleaning, we will carefully remove any debris or buildup from the ears using specialized tools and solutions.

  5. Grooming consultations – In addition to these services, we also offer grooming consultations, where you can discuss your pet’s grooming needs with Savit and receive recommendations for a grooming plan that will best suit your pet’s needs.

Our grooming services can help keep your pets healthy, happy, and looking their best.

Call us at 8203 4390 to make an appointment today.