Overseas Pet Travel

Are you planning on taking your pet overseas for a holiday or as part of relocation?

Travelling overseas with a pet can seem like a daunting task. If you plan to travel overseas with your pet, we are her to support you through the entire process.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for your pet’s international travel

Check the destination country’s requirements: Each country has its own requirements for importing pets, including vaccination requirements, health certificates, and quarantine periods.

Engage professional help: Pet relocation services are a handy service to consider if you’re not familiar with pet travel. While they may be most costly than doing it yourself, the convenience they provide throughout the process may be worth it for some.

Partner with us: Our team of qualified vets can provide provide vaccinations, health certificates, organise blood tests and any other necessary documentation that may be required by your destination country.

Prepare for the journey: International travel can be stressful for pets, so it is important to take steps to make the journey as comfortable as possible. This may include providing a comfortable carrier, providing familiar toys and bedding, and ensuring that your pet has access to food, water, and bathroom breaks. In some instances, we also provide additional medication to make sure that your pet is well-prepared for any situations that may arise.

Beware of quarantine requirements: Some countries require pets to be quarantined upon arrival. Make sure you understand the quarantine requirements of your destination country and plan accordingly.

“Let us work with you to ensure a safe and successful journey for you and your pet.”

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