What to expect during your visit

Thank you for choosing our practice, welcome to the Pet Medical Milsons Point family!

We understand that a visit to the vet can be stressful for you and your pet. To help you prepare for your visit to our practice, we have provided a walkthrough below of an appointment with our team:


When you arrive at the veterinary clinic, you’ll meet with one of our friendly reception staff who will check your pet in.

Once you are checked in, our vets will be informed and one of them will see you as soon as they can. We offer water and treats for both you and your pets so feel free to help yourselves to them!

While waiting, do let our team know if your pet has special requirements (e.g. anxious, aggressive etc.) and we will do our best to accomodate your pet’s needs.


A standard consult appointment runs for approximately 20 minutes.

During your pet’s consult, we will conduct a thorough physical exam of your pet. In the consult, we would love to learn more about your pet’s general health, behaviour, diet, medications, and seek to understand any concerns you may have. 

Depending on your pet’s needs, we will provide guidance on next steps and we may recommend further diagnostics or dispense medications for them. 

Remember, the consult is a two-way conversation! Be sure to ask any questions you have and our vets will do our best to answer them.


Upon completion of your pet’s consult, our friendly reception team will be on hand to assist with payment, insurance claims, and scheduling of your pet’s next review appointment.

Additional considerations

If you are joining us from another veterinary clinic, please inform your previous veterinary team and request that they send us your pet’s full medical history prior to your pet’s appointment with us. 

Our email address is [email protected] 

“Welcome again to our family, we look forward to meeting you.”

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