General Practice

Our General Practice Services Include:

· Comprehensive Pet Health Check-Ups
· Dog & Cat De-sexing
· Vaccinations
· Microchipping
· Dentistry
· Nutritional Advice
· Dermatology Advice
· Behavioural Advice

Pathology & Diagnostics

We perform many pathology tests and procedures onsite to provide prompt and accurate diagnosis, ensuring immediate treatment of critically ill animals 24 hours a day.

Our Pathology & Diagnostic Services Include:

· In-house blood machines
· Digital radiography
· Ultrasonography (pregnancy and soft tissue changes)
· Pulse oximetry and blood pressure monitoring during surgical procedures
· Viral Antigen testing
· Cytology (with images emailed to specialist for second opinion)


At Pet Medical, our team are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to perform a wide range of surgical procedures. We ensure your pet is always safe and comfortable and always pain free from pre-operative through to post-operative recovery.

Our Surgical Procedures include:

· De-sexing
· Minimally invasive surgery
· Gastrointestinal surgery
· Dental procedures
· Soft tissue procedures
· Orthopaedic procedures
· Caesarean

Excellent Dental

Did you know that dental disease affects the lives of 80% of animals aged over 5 years? We have the skills and equipment to perform comprehensive dental examinations on our patients to detect and prevent dental disease and related issues. For every booked dental appointment, a full set of dental x-rays is taken to check the health of the roots. We recommend all animals should have a dental check every 12 months.


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