The importance of pet insurance

We always have a discussion about pet insurance with our clients. It usually happens at our second puppy vaccination, when we have our little young healthy puppies coming in. Pet insurance is a really good idea because pets are part of our families and taking care of their health can be expensive, especially in times of emergencies where critical care is necessary.

There are two main types of pet insurance available. There is an ‘accident-only’ cover, which is quite basic. The other type is ‘accident and illness’ which is much more comprehensive.

The cost of treatment for sudden incidentals like illness or snake bites where a pet has to be hospitalised for quite some time can be quite high. If you are not prepared, it can be hard to come up with the money to pay for the necessary veterinary costs.

Pet insurance allows you to claim back a part or even most of these costs.

Read the fine print

We always recommend reading the fine print before signing up and making sure people choose the right insurance company that suits them. There are some websites that compare the various pet insurance companies. Always compare what insurance companies offer in terms of meeting the type of coverage you want.

There are many exclusions and many add-ons with regards to insurance policies, so reading the fine print is really important.

Breeds matter with pet insurance

The breed of your pet does matter. There are some breeds that have more health issues than others. For example, Pugs, French Bulldogs and British Bulldogs are prone to airway and breathing disorders and problems, while some large breed dogs like German Shepherds or Labradors have joint problems. Some insurance companies will actually take these factors into account.

Always read the fine print because some companies will not cover for the medical care of these breeds.

We recommend seeking insurance when your pet is young. When they are young they tend to not have any existing conditions, so you are more likely to receive full coverage.

Whereas, if your pet hurts her leg and you then try and sign up for pet insurance, many insurance companies will not allow you to make a claim with regards that particular leg as it is considered a pre-existing condition.